The Cigar House

255 Cll Fortaleza
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Paul is smoking an Arturo Fuente Opusx at The Cigar House

7 years ago
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Undoubtedly the finest cigar house in San Juan or Old San Juan that is. Visited while on vacation and was thoroughly impressed! I have visited many cigar shops and lounges and have never quite seen the selection of premium cigars in this overstocked humidor. From locally grown cigars to the finest Nicaraguan and Honduran blends. If you ever get to San Juan you've got to check out the cigar house, wether for a drink, cigar, cigar accessories, checking out the fine architecture of the building which is absolutely gorgeous or the fine jewelry! You'll want to move into this spot! I found one of the greatest things about Puerto Rico was-you don't really need a humidor! The Big Dawg says so!

Big D.   9 years ago
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