Taylors Tobacco House

5937 E Spring St.
Long Beach, CA (562) 377-0700 United States

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There is a regular group of guys here most nights who watch ball games and smoke cigars. Although they rib each other a lot, I felt welcomed. Prices seemed reasonable. They do not allow you to smoke your own cigars, you must buy them there. The owner, as mentioned by someone else, can be a bit of a grouch. But I've had all good experiences, and intend to return.

Cats D.   7 years ago

So, I went in as normal on my Wednesday Eve and Sunday AM (I drop my
kids off for something and spend 2-3 hours there) and I walked up to the
counter and asked one of the girls for a cheep triple flame lighter (I
didn't need one, but since I bring my own cigars I feel I should support
the business by buying accoutrements there). After she sells me the
lighter I snip my cigar and prepare to light it when a man (I have to
assume the owner) comes over and tells me that I can't smoke my cigar
inside where it's warm, but must smoke it outside. Now since September
there has been no problem with me smoking my cigars in the shop. It's 50
degrees outside.

I must have bought four or five lighters I
didn't really need from them at over $10 each (I can get them from my
other place for $6) because I do not get my cigars there (I smoke cigars
they don't sell).

I have NEVER been treated so rudely. As to how
I know it's the owner? The girls working there know me from my twice
weekly visits for the last 4 months, and when this bozo 86'd me for what
I was smoking, they said not a word.

So, with the exception of
the owner being a blivot (google it, it's not a nice term), it was a
nice place to go. But pushing a guy who just made a purchase out to the
cold shows that he really doesn't care about maintaining a "friendly"
cigar experience.

Met00   10 years ago
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