Schwab's Pipes 'N Stuff

1555 E. New Circle Road
Lexington, KY 40505 United States

Cigar Shop, Has Cigar Lounge/Smoking Area, Walk-In Humidor
I recently moved into the Lexington area and found only a few cigar shops by doing an internet search. I paid close attention to the reviews and after a while, one can begin to get a feel for the honest ones and the reviews that may be just a disgruntled customer or even a competitor trying to dislodge a little business from the other side. Schwab's Pipes and Stuff in Lexington on New Circle Road continually came up with outstanding, glowing reviews and even at least one entry via video on the YouTube site. The You Tube video was done by a customer browsing in the store and later when speaking with the employees at Schwab's...they had heard about a video on the web but had no idea when it was being done. Basically it was a walk-through of their great walk-in humidor along with the many offerings in the pipe category as well as many items of interest to a smoker.

I made the 15 mile drive over one day and I am oh so glad I did. I first met a gent named Jeff, who I would later discover is the proprietor of Schwab's. He walked me through the shop, was extremely helpful and friendly and spoke to me as though I was a regular customer of his for years.

The online reviews all had the same thing in common and that was the friendliness of the employees and the helpful nature in every category here. There is, as mentioned, a well-stocked walk-in humidor, which by the way, has produced some amazing smokes since I first started visiting. The counter is lined with some awesome blends of pipe tobaccos and anything a pipe smoker could probably ever desire. I am not YET a pipe smoker but already got my hat in the ring for getting initiated when time is available on my end.

Another great feature is Schwab's Pipes and Stuff has a smoking section in a city that has passed laws recently concerning such activity. There are condiments and chips, pretzels usually available with comfortable seating and even as a new guy my first time taking a seat in the smoking room, I felt right at home. Never at any time did I feel the push to "buy" something I didn't come looking for and the owner, Jeff, turned me onto some very nice cigars from Culivari...honestly had never heard of them but they went right straight up my favorite list to lodge right there at the top. Jeff, and John, have been very knowledgeable and freely share advice and news about my hobby/passion of the rotted leaf.

Schwab's is a place a guy (or gal I guess) could hang out all day but alas...a guy's gotta go to work sometimes.

One note...if you are not a UK Wildcats fan, you may want to keep a big 60 ring stuck in your jaw and chew on it rather than talking a lot. These guys love themselves some Wildcats. Fortunately for me I am born and bred with blue blood and Wildcat fever is a disease I already carry.

New cigar smokers or anyone thinking about trying your hand at the hobby...this is the place to go. I haven't been smoking all that long and I never admitted that I knew it all but there is a lot to know and learn if you really enjoy the passion and this is the place to come and be educated. And they won't do it in a way that would make you feel intimidated at all. Friendly should have been incorporated into the name somehow with Schwab's Pipes and Stuff because these folks are some of the finest Kentucky folks you'll ever meet.

Since I have been dropping by, I have seen and walked and talked with business suits, painter's jeans, truckers, retail folks, teachers, car salesmen...and they all meet at this place from time to time and everybody seems to be on level ground. All there for the enjoyment of the leaf.

I am a true customer, a fairly new customer and I plan on being a regular as long as they don't lock me out.

I am Cigar Carl and I approve this message.

Paul is smoking a cigar at Schwab's Pipes 'N Stuff

Very bad customer service . I would not recommend this place

7 years ago

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Excellent selection, and friendly staff. Plenty of cigars to choose from, as well as pipes and pipe tobacco.

Charles C.   7 years ago
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