Red Lion Smoke Shop Inc

94 Washington St
Salem, MA 01970 United States

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First of all I want to mention that, as far as a rating system goes, I think even a single star is far too much for this squalid, un-kept joke of a business. Although a smoker myself, I was to be repulsed by the disgusting smell of stale smoke every time I opened the door. Beyond that, the customer service (or lack there of) that I continued to receive was pitiful. I don’t think I've ever been greeted upon entry. I'm actually rarely even noticed until I get to the clerk, and then still ignored until their text conversation is complete. I usually give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and very seldom ever write business reviews, and have definitely never done a negative one, but today I was treated with such contempt, by the owner of all people. Last Wednesday I stopped in for a few things: 1 pack of camel light cigarettes - $8.50, 1 men's rain poncho, and 1 women's - $3.49 each, and one Betty Crocker M&M cookie candy bar - $1.34. Thursday, when I looked at my bank transactions I realized that my debit card had been charged $76.82. No big deal I thought. The clerk accidentally entered 76.82 instead of 16.82. So I called to try and resolve the issue but was told that I'd have to call back when the owner was in. Great, I thought. I'll be dealing only with a professional who would understand and help with this slight accident. This, however, was NOT the case. When I went in this afternoon to discuss my issue with Mike (the owner) I was only met with disbelief and an explanation of how nearly impossible it would be for him to find the credit card slip from 5 days ago. It was not until I mentioned that I know he has to keep them filed that he rushed to the back and grabbed it immediately. When Mike returned, to my dismay, he said he was only willing to credit part of this mishap to my account, claiming that it was my fault and that I shouldn’t have signed the credit card slip to begin with. Now I can understand that I did make a mistake not double checking the card receipt, but one must agree that at quick glance a 1 can absolutely look like a 7. Beyond that, I had no reason to believe that I would be overcharged by $60.00. In my defense, my mistake was no bigger than the clerk’s, who accidentally rang me up incorrectly. My biggest issue with the whole interaction is that Mike was unwilling to hear me out. I tried to have him ring me up again for the exact items that I purchased. He would do no such thing, claiming that I was probably just making it up. He wouldn’t even take into consideration that there was only a single digit discrepancy between what I was charged and should have been. It’s unfortunate to me how poorly this situation was dealt with, as if he knew he was gaining an extra buck at someone else’s accidental expense, and he didn’t care how he got it. The man is scummy, stubborn, and a horrible misrepresentation of a Salem business owner. Please don’t waste your time. Or money…

Dylan S.   9 years ago

When I was here last in 2009, it had some cigars stuffed behind glass on shelves, with no humidification. It would be more correctly classified as a "head shop" with lots of paraphenalia. Games, magazines, funky cigarettes, etc...Things may have changed since then but in a pinch, they do have cigars....

Admiral61   11 years ago
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