Metro Cigars, Wine & Spirits, Llc

W182 N9606 Appleton Ave, intersection Hwy Q & Hwy 175
Germantown, WI 53022 United States

Thank you for visiting our website. We are Paul and Jennifer Groh and we opened Metro Cigars, LLC in November of 2003 to reach out to cigar smokers in Washington County and surrounding areas. At Metro Cigars we pride ourselves on providing you with friendly, professional tobacconists to answer your questions and help provide you direction for the perfect cigar purchase. With over 800 facings of premium cigars in our 250 sq ft walk in humidor we hope we have what you are looking for but if not, we'll be happy to provide you with a new smoking experience within your smoking profile.
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Roughly a decade ago I stumbled into a small cigar store in Germantown Wisconsin named Metro Cigars. Instantly I knew I had found a wonderful place. As a cigar lover, and someone who enjoys the camaraderie of shooting the breeze with people with similar hobbies I had found a haven. I quickly became a regular, and enjoyed the time spent relaxing and enjoying a stick with my new found friends. The owners and their family were always so friendly and caring. They seemed to take a genuine interest in getting to know each person who was at the store. The stores success was built on the foundation of a friendly place to have a smoke, and owners who seemed to care. It felt like home away from home.
Over the years they brought in a full time employee, which further enhanced the atmosphere of the store. He fit right in and quickly knew us all by first name. We would look forward to not only stopping by for a smoke, but to see our newest friend. Many years passed by, and the store continued to flourish. So much so that the owners even bought another store in Brookfield.
This story should be one that continues to be a happy one, filled with the many tales of time spent with wonderful friends. However the past few years there has been a palpable change in the atmosphere. No longer does there seem to be a concern for the customers that enter the store. Now the prime focus seems to be how to squeeze every dime out of each of us. Once they seemed to care about how our lives had been going, but anymore the concern is more about what else they can get us to buy. Don’t get me wrong, I understand this is a business, and must make money. The problem I have with how things have gone is the seeming money lust that appeared. The store does well, but genuine care for the employees and customers is gone. They seem more interested in trying to find a way to pay their employees as little as possible, and pushing product on customers.
They installed cameras all over the store so they could monitor activity, and then complain to the employees if they spent too much time chatting with customers. Sadly this interaction once was common place and a big part of what made the store so enjoyable to spend time in. Regulars joke all the time about how they monitor the cameras, however the sad truth is that it wasn’t truly funny. They would call from vacation because they had been watching the camera and felt the employees were spending too much time talking with the customers. The lack of concern for their employees, and customers became more and more apparent over time.
The inability to see past their ravenous desires for riches has proven to be a microcosm of how this country has failed in general. It’s never enough. How many little companies once cared for their employees and treated them like family, but then in time grew larger and lost site of that empathy. Greed takes over and now it’s all about what else they can afford, and where else they can travel. No longer caring about the employees who work hard to provide them with the riches they enjoy. The most recent act was how they have treated the one full time employee they had. They have failed to see how his role is so important to the store, and how much he will be missed, or they just don’t care. They recently fired him and with that placed the last nail in the coffin. To me and many others this is truly the end of our paradise. I for one cannot give my hard earned money to people who’s greed, and lack of caring has blinded them from seeing they are slowly destroying the wonderful thing they once created.

Tom P.   6 years ago
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