87 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002 United States
(212) 334-3499

Maraya is a new brand of premium, small-batch cigars, hand-made in the Dominican Republic. Visit our new retail shop on New York City's Lower East Side and enjoy a unique cigar in a distinctive neighborhood at a great price.

Have a business meeting around cigars in an intimate setting, invite a few friends to hang out, or bring your own beverages to pair with our cigars for an after dinner drink and smoke. As long as you're smoking Maraya there is no cutting fee. Just call ahead to be sure that no one has a prior reservation for the space.

Our shop is located on Orchard Street, a well-known shopping and dining destination with many unique artisanal shops, boutiques, restaurants, and bars. It is convenient to subway travel which feeds it’s pedestrian friendly ambiance. The district is rich in New York history and is home to the heavily visited Tenement [Housing] Museum. The neighborhood embodies the charm, scale, and bohemian spirit that is New York. MARAYA contributes to this scene and, is quickly becoming a desirable cigar place to locals as well as travelers.

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I'm a college student living in NYC who loves cigars, and I was excited to see Maraya open. My two favorite things about Maraya:

1. Location: Maraya is located on the Lower East Side (two blocks south of Delancey if my memory serves me). The street Maraya is on (Orchard) is excellent and very unique. It's also a great place for a stroll, food, and as luck would now have it, cigars too.
2. Maraya's cigars: Maraya carries two lines ("Piano" and "Tango") both of which are great cigars (the Tango is a bit more on the spicy/full bodied side).

The only unfortunate thing about the shop is that you can't smoke indoors, which is just another reason I hate NYC tobacco laws. But, you can always get cigars on the go, and w/Maraya cigars I think its definitely worth trying.

Matthiasclock   11 years ago
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