La Casa Del Habano

Kiev, Klovskii Spusk, 13
Kiev, Ukraine
+38 044 492 7448

OK, cigar place with not a particularly big selection. Cigars are quite expensive compared to the dirt cheap country, but the drink prices tip the balance back :)
Decor is kind of modern and not the cosy style, but in general it does the trick. On a Sunday afternoon (almost evening) there was nobody at the place...
In a city where not much else is available for cigar smokers it is OK. I much rather recommend though buying and than smoking your cigar elsewhere.
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Staff treated my terrific both visits. Each time I was escorted into the humidor by a knowledgeable attendant (females both times) and I asked for a moderately priced Cuban cigar with moderate strength (I did not want to spend a fortunate) and each attendant came through perfectly. I also enjoyed a nice drink with my cigar each time (once was Mojito, don't remember 2nd time). The interior was well-appointed and comfortable, great magazines, friendly staff. At the time I visited each US dollar was worth 8 UAH.

I absolutely plan a return to La Casa Del Habano, Kyiv within the next 2 weeks as I will be in Kyiv again. Also, Kyiv is a wonderful city not to be missed. This time I am seeing that each US dollars should be worth 16 or more UAH.

Cheers and thank you!

Dominic D.   7 years ago
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