K O'donnell's American Bar & Grill

14850 N. Northsight Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 United States

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Have been going to this place for about 2 years because it was close by and had decent food. The wait staff has always been extremely great and very pleasant. Unfortunately I will never go to this place ever again and will tell everyone I know to do the same. Their food has gotten extremely bad...too much salt on the all breakfast food and everything else is not cooked properly. They just put out a new menu and raised their prices by over a dollar. Pretty sure he did that because of his other failed businesses...a mortgage company that tanked along with other real estate investments. They don't take reservations...or I was told that when I called to make some. So we showed up an hour early to get a good seat for the football game. I sat at a table and then I was told to move because someone had reservations. So we moved to another table. Then at this table we were told to move again because of reservations. Then we finally got a table in their back room. So we were all watching the football games and enjoying our overpriced food and watered down drinks. Then with about 5 minutes left to go in the game we were told that we had to leave because someone else had reservations at our table and the Owner and Manager didn't even have the guts to tell us this themselves. They made a tiny 19yr old girl come up to 10 guys to tell them to move. She started to cry because she felt so bad to tell us and still no help from management. Completely classless establishment. We offered to share our table but they wanted us to move somewhere else entirely. If that wasn't enough, my wife and her friend were out on the patio getting some air and over heard the owner talking badly about us using profanity all over. What a classy man talking about the people who keep him in business. What's the funniest part of everything.....the people that wanted the reservations weren't even eating or drinking.

Pjfoster21   11 years ago
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