D & S Cigar Lounge

1623 Manheim Pike
Lancaster, PA 19601 United States

Cigar Shop
Cigars... ...it's the mark of the good life. Relaxing with friends, becoming a parent, or vacationing in a faraway place, these are a few good reasons to pull out your personal stash of cigars and celebrate something that only happens once in a great while.

It is this spirit of celebration and timeless camaraderie that has inspired D&S Cigar Lounge.

4 large humidors, as well as a walk in humidor, and a wide selection of cigars is only the start. D&S also has the opportunity for you to rent a small personal humidor, where you can conveniently store your favorite brands.

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I have, unfortunately, stopped in this store 3 times in the past year with the same results...walking out empty handed. My opinion is they seem to only want to cater to those they know as each time I've walked in, the individual neither offered help, said "I'll be right with you", or spent the 10 seconds to blurt out "the humidors are open, take out what you want". My last visit, I wanted to stray out of my norm ... I have been tasked to do a cigar review and wanted to smoke something that I normally don't smoke. It was a good 5-10 minutes before the owner/co-owner even came out of the smoking lounge to "help" me. Rather then excuse himself from the conversation he was in, I was pretty much left standing with my thumb up my butt. 3 strikes and your out. My business will remain to online e-tailers and the other reputable shops in Lancaster.

Paul A.   9 years ago

This has to be one of the best places in Lancaster County. A great selection of cigars and a GREAT Man Cave to smoke them in with an awsome smoke handler. Two large plasma TV's. One is a 60 inch I think. And a happy hour every Friday night. The staff is very friendly and helpful. And it is BYOB. A must check out spot if ever in the area again. Thanks D&S......

Elgy0423   10 years ago
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