Cigar King Of Rockland

130 Rockland Plaza Route 59 & North Middletown Rd
Nanuet, NY 10954 United States
(845) 624-2667

Cigar Lounge/Bar
Established in 1996 Cigar King is an exclusive tobacco store with wide selection of cigars, cigar accessories, pipes, pipe tobacco and accessories, gifts and gentleman's accessories. Open all 7 days All major credit cards accepted
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Cigar King is probably the last place I would ever buy a premium cigar. Their cigars are in awful shape. Their humidors are either too dry or too humid and you can clearly see holes in their cigars caused by cigar beetles. In fact, I have actually seen a few beetles myself. They don't even have hygrometers in their humidors so they clearly don't care about the humidity levels. Couple that with the fact that their cigars are wildly over priced, more expensive than most cigar shops in NYC who have more than triple the overhead, it makes no sense to buy cigars from them. I would attribute this neglect to the fact that the owners and their employees don't smoke cigars themselves because if they did, they would realize that their humidors are a huge problem. They have a decent cigar lounge with a bar but they are very often are out of stock of popular liquor which pairs well with cigars (bourbon & scotch). The other issue with the cigar lounge is that you have to literally track down the employees in order to get service. They recently created a new policy that you are only allowed to use their cigar lounge if you buy a cigar from them, but given the condition of their cigars, it makes no sense to pay top dollar for a premium cigar which has been treated no better than a Dutch Master. The overall attitude of management is not of customer service and it seems like they feel that they are doing their customers a favor by opening their doors every day. It's a shame because if run by a smart business person, they could actually have a great place. I suspect that given their new rules, they will lose their regular customers very soon. I for one, will be looking for a new place to smoke my cigars immediately

Brian S.   8 years ago
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