Bobalu Cigar Co.

509 E. 6Th Street
Austin, TX 78701 United States

I just hit up this place on my trip to Austin last weekend and really enjoyed the cigar I had from there so I thought I'd write up a quick little review of the joint.

Bobalu Cigar Co. is on the main drag in downtown Austin, right in the party zone of 6th Street. I was staying downtown so it was great that it was only a few blocks away as opposed to Heroes & Legacies about 20 minutes or so away. I have heard that H&L is great though.

I thought that this place would have a bit of a smoking lounge since it's the only place on 6th where you can smoke inside but it really didn't have much of one.

The rather old-school (almost old-West saloon style) store is rather small, dark, skinny & deep with a decent walk-in humidor in the back and the obligatory Cuban roller up front in the window, rolling some cigars. This was a pretty nifty touch and I've never before seen an actual live cigar roller. There are some wooden tables and chairs in the somewhat cramped space but I wouldn't have minded hanging out there to smoke and watch the people go by the window and visit with the proprietors and their Shop Dog (a good lookin' Boxer).

I didn't do that, however, and opted instead to smoke one of their "Fresh-Rolled Texas Select" Robustos out on the mezzanine balcony of my hotel.

The gal in the store was very helpful and suggested I try one of these fresh-rolled cigars and it was right up my alley.

In fact, I couldn't stop sniffing this cigar which had Dominican filler, and a beautiful, light-colored Sumatran wrapper that smelled deliciously sweet. From pre-light to nub, I kept smelling this sucker (and I'm not talking about the aroma, which was nice as well) and enjoyed the taste as I looked out over 6th street.

I'm seriously considering ordering more of these cigars and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Bobalu on future visits.

Do note that they only sell their own cigars in this place. If you're looking for anything other than Bobalu cigars, you might be disappointed.
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Great place to stop in for a smoke and chat. They only carry their own store rolled cigars. I was skeptical at first but was directed to a medium body Maduro which was excellent. Their prices are very reasonable. The place is small. They also offers expresso drinks. With further recommendation I left with a few more cigars in my pocket.

Mark W.   8 years ago

I like this place, it feels like a little Havana shop. You can sit and watch the owner roll Cigars, have some coffee or smoke one of their brands. Fun place!

Cwalling   10 years ago
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