Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't there any locations in my city?
We're relying on people like you to tell us about the great cigar-friendly places that are out there. If you search for your city and don't see any results, help out the other users and add a location that you know is cigar friendly!

I added a location. Why did it not appear on the map immediately?
Most of the time locations are displayed immediately. However, we rely on third-party services to take the address that you input, and convert it to a coordinate (latitude and longitude) that we can use on our map. If this service is unavailable at the time you made your request, it may take a while before it appears.

What type of locations can I add?
The short answer is any place that is cigar-friendly! This includes (but is not limited to), restaurants, martini bars, lounges, cigar brick-and-mortar stores that allow smoking, etc.

How do I remove a location?
We rely on our community of cigar smokers to add locations that they know of, and to remove invalid listings. If you see a location that is out of business, is not cigar friendly, or is a duplicate listing, click on the blug "Remove From Map / Flag as Not Cigar Friendly" link on the location's page to start the removal process.

All Other Questions
If you have any questions that we missed we'd love to hear them.