If you asked most people to describe an open-air dive bar in a beach town, they’d probably come pretty close to describing the Smokin’ Oyster Brewery (S.O.B.) in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Complete with surf boards hanging from the wall and a guy playing the acoustic guitar, this place is plucked straight out of one of Jimmy Buffett’s margarita-induced sweet dreams.

fort myers cigar friendly

During my last visit there a few weeks ago (March 2010), the patrons confirmed for me that this place was indeed cigar friendly.  As I sat with friends enjoying a beer and watching locals and tourists alike dance to the music from the acoustic guitar, I had three separate people come up to our  table to tell me that the cigar I was smoking – a CAO Lx2 – smelled great.

The experience was a fantastic departure from the glares and dirty looks that often accompany lighting up a cigar in a bar or restaurant.

The Smokin Oyster Brewery is two blocks north of the beach on Old San Carlos Boulevard.  If you’re in Fort Myers Beach, don’t miss the opportunity to visit.  Each time I’ve been there the crowd (and musicians) tend to thin out fairly early (11:30ish), so get there before 9 or 10pm.