When the site launched a few years ago, the first wave of cigar friendly places that people added were mostly in the United States.  In the months that followed we quickly began to see international locations hit the site as well.  The smoking bans that we’re facing obviously aren’t a problem that’s unique to the United States.

This week I formalized a few features that make CigarPlaces.com officially international.

Since the site launched, we’ve had a World View option that allowed you to see the entire world map and search for cigar-friendly places around the globe.

Visitors have also had the ability to add international cigar friendly bars and restaurants (and many international locations have been added), but without a way to officially enter the location’s country, it wasn’t a terribly graceful process.

This week, CigarPlaces.com is becoming officially international.  Type your favorite international city into the search box (we still believe that search is the easiest way to find a cigar-friendly spot), and the site will display cigar bars and restaurants in the city.

The Add Location page has also been overhauled to include a Country dropdown, and the State dropdown is no longer required.  This should make it easier for international aficionados to add their favorite places.

I need your help testing out the new functionality.  If you know of good cigar friendly places outside of the United States, add them to the map!

A search for Munich or London currently displays a number of places from our friends on the other side of the pond, so we’re off to a great start.  If you discover that your country isn’t listed in the dropdown (it should be all-inclusive), try adding the spot without it, and drop us a comment to let us know; we’ll add it.

Thanks again to everyone for your support and for adding your favorite locations for everyone to find and enjoy!