We’re excited to announce the first revision to the Cigar Places iPhone App!  This update includes the ability to remove locations from the map, and fixes some small bugs that we found in the search functionality and the Places Nearby feature (read below for news about the next big update!).

Easily Remove Locations From the Map

Earlier this year we re-vamped the way that locations are removed from the map on CigarPlaces.com by allowing unregistered users to easily flag a location a not-cigar-friendly.  This update led to a big jump in the number of places that are removed from the map, and increased the overall accuracy of the site.

With version 1.4 of the app, we brought this same functionality to the iPhone!

If you’re browsing the map, and you see a location that you know is not cigar friendly, is out of business, or is listed more than once (a duplicate), just click Remove Location at the bottom of the location’s screen, and let us know why you’re removing it.  The location will be removed from the map within 24 hours.

Improved Search and “Places Nearby” Features

Hate bugs?  So do we.

In this version we fixed two bugs that were impacting the search features and the function that allows you to find cigar friendly places near you (using the phone’s GPS).

In the past version, a user searching for a city such as London, who would expect to get London, England, would frequently get a smaller city named London that was close to their current location.  This felt counter-intuitive, so we fixed it.

Give it a shot.  Search for London, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, or Miami, and feel confident that you’re not going be taken to a map that shows cigar friendly places in the 3,000 person township of London, Michigan.

If you happen to be spending a weekend in London, Michigan, just search for “London, Michigan”, and you’ll be taken to that section of the map. Anyone know of any cigar friendly places in London, Michigan?

In the Next Update

We’re working hard at developing the next round of features that we think will make a big splash.  Most noteworthy, the ability to snap a photo on your iPhone, and easily add it to the app.  We’re also adding a Tips feature that will let you write a quick tip or review of a location.  Stay tuned for this version coming up soon!