We added some exciting things in this release, and smoothed out a few things that were bugging us (and probably you too).

Download the new version here (http://bit.ly/cigarapp).


See Trending Cigars

Those of us on the CP team have been observing our own behavior. Sometimes when we pick a cigar we go to the Top Rated view, and sometimes we’re more adventurous.  Up until now, we had to go to the website to see Trending Cigars (cigars that people are smoking a lot of recently that aren’t necessarily top-rated). That was a pain, so we added it right into the app!

Feeling adventurous? Go to Top Rated then scroll down to see trending sticks.

See Who Liked Your Checkin

Touch a checkin to see the details and scroll down a bit.  You’ll now see avatars of the people who liked the checkin!


Follow Other Cigar Smokers

We (finally) got this bug resolved.  You can now follow people from the app!  From a checkin, touch the top bar (where the person’s picture and name is), and touch Follow to start following them.  Their checkins will now show up in your Friends section.

Liking a Checkin is Even Easier

Pull up the details of a checkin, scroll down a bit and like it right from that screen!

That’s all for this release.

Long ashes and keep those checkins coming!