Earlier this week we released v2.0 of the Cigar Places iPhone App which empowers cigar smokers to add tips and photos to CigarPlaces.com right from their iPhone. In order to keep cigar store and cigar lounge managers and owners on top of all of this new activity, we’ve also added Alerts to the Manager Platform (if you haven’t claimed your location yet, now is a great time to do it; it’s easy and free).

When you enable alerts in the Manager Platform for each of the locations that you manage, we’ll send you a quick email whenever a cigar smoker adds a tip or a photo at your location.

Why Setup Alerts?

If you look at the content of many of the tips that are left on CigarPlaces.com, you see that many of them contain:

  • Questions (hours of operation, where smoking is allowed, whether alcohol or food is served).
  • Compliments or complaints about the service.
  • Comments or questions about upcoming events.

Each of these comments are extremely well-suited for an official response from a manager, and the best response is a timely one!

Pick whether you want to receive alerts for tips, photos, or both in the Manager Platform, and you’ll receive an email like the one below whenever a tip or photo is added.

Setting Up Alerts

To setup alerts visit the Manager Platform and select Alerts from the right toolbar. Check the alerts that you want to receive.  Your alerts will automatically be saved and you’ll start receiving alerts the next time someone adds a tip or a photo.