Add a Photo & Leave a Tip

Finally users of the Cigar Places iPhone App can do more than just look at photos and tips.  With the release of v2.0 it’s now possible to be a more active participant in the Cigar Places Community, right from your phone.

Cigar Photos

Snapping a picture and adding it is now just a couple of touches away.  Grab your iPhone and take pictures of your favorite cigar lounge, you holding the cigar that you’re currently smoking, or whatever comes to mind.  All of these photos are helpful to other cigar smokers who are using the app to find a place to have a cigar, and want to see what a cigar place looks like before they head over.



The same goes for tips.  Things are always changing when it comes to cigar lounges and bars.  They hold events, the run special deals, they remodel, they offer great service (and sometimes terrible service).

Seeing tips from other users makes it easy to know what to expect when you’re walking into a cigar shop or cigar lounge, so the next time you sit down at a cigar friendly place to enjoy a smoke, leave a tip for the rest of us!



We Also Improved the Map

If you conduct a search or you’re looking at cigar friendly places nearby, and you need to zoom the map out slightly or drag it to a new location, clicking Redo Search in This Area will display cigar friendly locations in the new area.

We think this took a lot of the clunkiness out of the old way of searching (having to put in a new city every time).

Give it a try and let us know what you think.



And the Way You Search

We introduced a new way to handle ambiguous city names by displaying a selector that allows you to choose (are you searching for London England, or London, Ontario?).






Finally, You Can Manage Your Account Right in the App

If you’re an existing user, you can log right into the app using your email address and password.  If you don’t have an account, you can create one and manage it right from the app (it’s only 4 fields).




Stay Tuned for More

This version is barely a week old, but we’re already working on the next version of the app.  Let us know what features you want to see, or if you find anything that needs to be fixed/tweaked.

  • Jerry Cruz

    Interaction with Foursquare checkin.

  • Anonymous

    Will look into this.  I think it’s a great idea.

  • Matthew Ruffi

    When’s the Droid app scheduled for?

  • Anonymous

    I think that’s the most popular suggestion.  The only true answer I can give is, “it’s on the strategy map, and it will get funded when cash flow permits.” :)

    How’s the cigar life out there in NYC?  Are we missing any places on the map?