Happy hump-day cigar smokers!  I wanted to reach out and share a new feature that we just pushed out.

Checkins Shown on Location Pages

From now on, when you light a cigar and check in at a place, your checkin will be displayed on that location’s page.  It’s another great way for you to support your local cigar lounge, and a way to see what people are smoking at different places around the world.

Here you can see a portion of Carnegie Club’s page on Cigar Places that includes two checkins:


We’ve already seen some great checkins with cigar reviews that expose some hidden gems (hand rolled cigars that we probably wouldn’t have discovered).

Use the “I’m Smoking Here” button on any place’s page to check in when you light up a cigar:



We’ll be back soon with more features.  Until then be sure to check in at the lounge when you light up!

Cigar Places is creating a new way to smoke cigars socially. Check in when you light up!  Wondering what your friends are smoking and how they’re rating cigars? Follow them on Cigar Places.  It’s the best way to discover great new cigars and figure out what you like.

Check in the next time you light up at http://cigarplaces.com/lounge. Our iPhone and Android Apps will be available soon. We’re sending out a few private beta invites each week. If you’d like to join the private beta, email us atinfo@cigarplaces.com and we’ll get an invite.