About Me

I created CigarPlaces.com in 2008 as an interactive map where people could share information about cigar bars and cigar friendly places, so the rest of the world could find them.  The site was back then, and still is today, a hobby for me, and because of that it’s been tremendously fun to build and grow.

I started my career as a web software developer, and quickly moved into management and then executive leadership as both the owner of a web software company, and a partner in a management consultancy.  The farther I got into management and leadership, the more I realized that I was getting away from the down-and-dirty world of hands-on software development, which brought me enjoyment, kept me up-to-date, and most importantly, kept me truly grounded in what it takes to actually create something.

Because of that fear of being out of touch with the software development world, and because it’s getting extremely hard for cigar lovers to find a place to enjoy a cigar, I set out to create a platform that would allow people to share information.

This blog will be a place to share information about CigarPlaces.com (stats, advertiser information, etc), share information about smoking bans and how it affects us, and share information about cigar bars and cigar friendly places that I visit personally.

What This Blog is Not

The web is full of great cigar bloggers.  Not only do these guys really know their stuff when it comes to stogies, but they helped me out a great deal when I launched CigarPlaces.com about a year and a half ago. This blog is not going to be another place for event notifications, event announcements, or cigar reviews (except in the instance that CigarPlaces.com fans send me boxes as gifts – the least I can do is write a review in return).

When I created the site, I knew that all I was doing was creating a platform, and without users to add their favorite places, the site would be useless.  The blog posts that were written by the bloggers in the online cigar community were paramount to its success.

I’m talking specifically about the guys at:

(if I missed anyone let me know)

Thanks for the support, and I hope you find the posts on the blog helpful.