Chris on November 17th, 2014

We added some exciting things in this release, and smoothed out a few things that were bugging us (and probably you too).

Download the new version here (


See Trending Cigars

Those of us on the CP team have been observing our own behavior. Sometimes when we pick a cigar we go to the Top Rated view, and sometimes we’re more adventurous.  Up until now, we had to go to the website to see Trending Cigars (cigars that people are smoking a lot of recently that aren’t necessarily top-rated). That was a pain, so we added it right into the app!

Feeling adventurous? Go to Top Rated then scroll down to see trending sticks.

See Who Liked Your Checkin

Touch a checkin to see the details and scroll down a bit.  You’ll now see avatars of the people who liked the checkin!


Follow Other Cigar Smokers

We (finally) got this bug resolved.  You can now follow people from the app!  From a checkin, touch the top bar (where the person’s picture and name is), and touch Follow to start following them.  Their checkins will now show up in your Friends section.

Liking a Checkin is Even Easier

Pull up the details of a checkin, scroll down a bit and like it right from that screen!

That’s all for this release.

Long ashes and keep those checkins coming!



Matthew Ruffi on August 18th, 2014

Yes we’re real …. yes we’re cigar smokers (I have a Davidoff Nicaragua Toro lit as I write this) …. and, most importantly, YES we’re listening to your feedback! You can always contact us at if you have questions, comments, or want to tell us about how the site helped you find some hidden gem!

You Can Now Signup and Login with Facebook

We’ve received some great feedback from you, our users … our cigar places brethren … over the past couple months and we’re working hard to incorporate as much of that feedback as quickly as possible into the overall Cigar Places roadmap.

Over the next couple months we’re going to be releasing a number of features that we hope will enhance your Cigar Places experience AND we are going to be using this blog to better communicate to you the changes we’re making!

One of the first pieces we’ve released is the ability to create accounts, login and checkin even faster – you can now log in or sign up with one click using Facebook!  This is a live feature and can be used right away

Signup and Login with Facebook

Signup and Login with Facebook

Stay tuned for more updates and keep the feedback coming – we are listening! Be sure to keep checking in when you light up!

Cigar Places is creating a new way to smoke cigars socially. Check in when you light up!  Wondering what your friends are smoking and how they’re rating cigars? Follow them on Cigar Places.  It’s the best way to discover great new cigars and figure out what you like.

Check in the next time you light up at Our iPhone App is available now and Android Apps will be available soon. If you’d like to join the private betas email us at and we’ll get an invite out to you.

Chris on August 13th, 2014

Happy hump-day cigar smokers!  I wanted to reach out and share a new feature that we just pushed out.

Checkins Shown on Location Pages

From now on, when you light a cigar and check in at a place, your checkin will be displayed on that location’s page.  It’s another great way for you to support your local cigar lounge, and a way to see what people are smoking at different places around the world.

Here you can see a portion of Carnegie Club’s page on Cigar Places that includes two checkins:


We’ve already seen some great checkins with cigar reviews that expose some hidden gems (hand rolled cigars that we probably wouldn’t have discovered).

Use the “I’m Smoking Here” button on any place’s page to check in when you light up a cigar:



We’ll be back soon with more features.  Until then be sure to check in at the lounge when you light up!

Cigar Places is creating a new way to smoke cigars socially. Check in when you light up!  Wondering what your friends are smoking and how they’re rating cigars? Follow them on Cigar Places.  It’s the best way to discover great new cigars and figure out what you like.

Check in the next time you light up at Our iPhone and Android Apps will be available soon. We’re sending out a few private beta invites each week. If you’d like to join the private beta, email us and we’ll get an invite.

With the release of the latest version of the Cigar Places iPhone App, you can add a cigar friendly place in just three simple steps!

Users Hated How Hard It Was to Add a Location

We’ve heard your comments and complaints over the past year, and we know exactly where you were coming from.  The previous method that we used to add a place to the site (manually typing in the name, address, phone, website) was clunky and difficult to use.  This was especially true in some countries with address systems that our system had a hard time understanding, and in places inside other places (like a La Casa Del Habano inside a mall/hotel/residence building in Dubai).

It was hard to add locations, but our users continued to do it, and we’re incredibly grateful for that.

Cigar Places App - Add a Location

Adding A Place in 3 Steps

The new version of the app will let you add a location in seconds.  Thanks to integration with Foursquare, the app will display a list of all of the places around you.  Simply touch a place that you know to be cigar-friendly to add it to the map.  It’s that easy! is still growing at an incredibly rapid pace, and we expect this improvement to the app to accelerate that pace even more.

Don’t Have the Cigar Places App?

Download it now and find a cigar-friendly place near you in seconds (anywhere in the world!).  The new version will be available as soon as Apple approves it and releases it into the App Store (probably within a week or so).

Chris on July 8th, 2013

Seeing photos of different cigar places nearby helps tremendously when trying to pick a spot to have a cigar. The updates that we’re rolling out will bring locations with photos to the forefront of the site.  When a user looks at cigar places in a city, or a state, or even just looks for cigar friendly places nearby, places with lots of good photos will show up first in the list.

We feel that this provides a better experience when a user is trying to pick a place to have a cigar.

Chicago Cigar Lounges

Add Photos to Your Location!

If you own or manage a cigar bar, cigar shop, or cigar friendly place, be sure to upload lots of photos of your location the site!  Make sure you have photos of:

  • The inside of the lounge.
  • The bar area.
  • The outside / sign / frontage of your place.
  • The VIP/Member’s Only Section (if you have one).
  • The humidor.

If you’re just a regular, help out your favorite spot and snap a few photos the next time you’re there (you can even use the Cigar Places iPhone App to make it really easy).


Chris on August 29th, 2012

This week we made it possible to follow your favorite cigar bars and lounges on, and be sure that you never miss another cigar event again!  With hundreds of upcoming cigar events being listed on Cigar Places, it’s the best way to make sure that you don’t miss one!

Click the orange Follow button on any page and we’ll email you about each upcoming event that happens at that location.  We’ll also list the events on your homepage, as well as new photos and tips that get added by users at the location.

Get Started by browsing the site and clicking Follow at your favorite places.  Then pull up your homepage to see all of the upcoming events in one place!

Create Your Account

If you already have a account, you can start clicking Follow to add places to your homepage right away.

If you don’t already have an account, create one!  It’s free and it’s the best way to keep in touch with what is going on in the cigar world.

For Managers & Owners

If you’re a manager or owner at a cigar friendly place, this is just another reason to make sure that you’ve claimed your location and join the Manager Platform, and that you add all of your upcoming events to Cigar Places!